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One Year Renewal

Add 365 more days of access to the LIVE online management tool

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This one-year renewal extends your access to the LIVE online management tool for another year.

Continuing your access to LIVE's online management tool will help you to:

  • Choose which lessons you want to teach from within the tool, and edit or customize them to make them unique to your students
  • Assign lessons to small group leaders
  • Share files with your team
  • Schedule LIVE daily texts for students
  • Access parent email templates

Plus everything is coordinated and accessible from one dashboard on any device.

Renewing through a new curriculum purchase

Note that purchasing another LIVE curriculum line valued at $125 or more will automatically extend your access to the online management tool for another year from your current expiration date, so you will not need to purchase this separate renewal.

Please contact us at or 1-866-370-9532 if you have questions about renewals on your LIVE account.

One Year Renewal


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