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Journey to Freedom

1-Year Curriculum (36 Lessons)

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Boldly examine some of the toughest issues facing young people today with LIVE Journey to Freedom.

This one-year curriculum will help junior high through college-age students break free from life’s hurts, cycles of destructive choices, shame, and guilt. Through open conversation and discovery, they’ll uncover what's at the heart of issues they’re experiencing and find freedom through Jesus.

LIVE Journey to Freedom At-A-Glance:

  • For grade 7 through college-age young adults
  • One-year plan, 36 lessons (based on a 36-week ministry calendar)
  • One-year access to the LIVE Online Management Tool ($99 yearly renewal after first year)

This item is available as a digital resource only. A physical resource will not be shipped for this item. Please note that digital products are non-returnable; all sales for these items are final.

Topics and Lesson Plan

Jesus calls us to experience true freedom, yet far too many teenagers and young adults get pulled into challenges that leave them hurting.

LIVE Journey to Freedom helps them get unstuck from life’s pains and problems as they understand who God created them to be. Topics include:

  • Sex and dating
  • Pressure to perform
  • Accepting forgiveness
  • Anger
  • Drugs and drinking
  • Depression and suicide
  • Equality and diversity

Each lesson encourages teenagers to talk honestly on topics like depression, failure, porn, substance abuse, and LGBTQ issues. And open-ended questions create room for authentic discussions that lead to hard-to-reach places (aka conversations where you find out what’s really going on in their lives).


LIVE invites parents to get involved

Because spiritual growth happens best when your ministry efforts merge with life at home, LIVE intentionally helps you connect to parents by inviting them to get involved with what their teenagers are learning each week.

This happens through LIVE's parent email templates that coordinate with your weekly lessons. Each email shares details about the weekly topic with parents, and includes conversation prompts to spark deeper discussion at home.

LIVE’s Online Management Tool

Your purchase of LIVE Journey to Freedom includes one year of access to LIVE's online management tool (a $99 value). Additional yearly renewals required to continue accessing the LIVE online management tool after initial one year.

With LIVE's online management tool, planning has never been easier. Choose which lessons you want to teach from within the tool, and edit or customize them to make them unique to your students. Then assign lessons to small group leaders, share files with your team, schedule LIVE daily texts for students, and access parent email templates. Everything is coordinated and accessible from one dashboard on any device.

Journey to Freedom


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